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The Music Biz Academy: The Knowledge You Need
Need help getting your career off the ground? Here's some reading reading for you. These articles focus on artist and product development, promotion, publicity, performance, and internet music promotion.

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Artist and Product Development 101
Learn about record labels, the music business, career planning, shopping for a record deal, what A&R reps do, copyright basics, tax tips and more.
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Promoting Your Music 101
Radio airplay is the most effective exposure for music, yet the most difficult to get. Promotion includes studying how labels and the broadcast media work together. Click Here

Performance 101
Live shows, and touring are a cornerstone of marketing contemporary music. Booking agents, promoters, and venue owners are only part of the world of the live performance business. Click Here

The Music Business: Extra Credit
A carefully selected round up of how-to and insider articles on the music business from around the Internet. Keep up on the music business around you! Click Here
Internet Music Promotion 101
David Nevue, author of How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet, provides insider tips on how to make your mark on the Internet.
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Radio Promotion 101
Dispel commonly held myths about radio promotion, learn the differences between reporting and charting, and what you can really expect to pay to promote to radio. Click Here

Publicity 101
The support of the media in marketing music is another essential tool of the business of music. Learning how to work with the media, write an effective press release, bio, and more. Click Here

The Music Biz Academy Bookstore
A few good books will go a long way. Learn from those who have gone before you. Click Here