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by Bryan Farrish - Brian Farrish Radio Promotion

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Digital Servicing Myths
One of the new tricks to confuse artists is "digital distribution" or "digital servicing". This is a service where the following is supposed to happen: You pay a small fee to have your audio sent to radio stations, then the person at the station listens to your track, plays it, and the service then tells you who played it. Problem is, it's very misleading. Article by Bryan Farrish.

Non-Commercial Radio: Worth Promoting To?
Non-commercial stations are comprised of three groups: College, community, and "NPR" stations. College radio is by far the biggest non-commercial group, with about 1,000 stations in the U.S. and Canada. The biggest advantage of college radio is that it is the easiest and fastest way to get airplay, and with it, the comments, favorite tracks, interviews, and reports in CMJ and other magazines, all of which become great tools to market your band with. Article by Bryan Farrish.

Radio Airplay 101: Which Radio Stations to Promote Your Music to
We now look at which stations you should choose to promote your music to. Your airplay promoter will help you, but in general, your choice of radio stations should be based upon several factors, discussed in this article by Bryan Farrish. Added 03/31/2005.

Radio Airplay 101: The Number or Radio Stations in the U.S.
No conversation about music marketing would be complete without the word RADIO rearing its ugly head time and time again. Few songs sell well at retail without it. None sell millions without it. You've got your CDs manufactured...now what can YOU do about it? Article by Bryan Farrish. Added 09/27/2004.

Radio Airplay 101: The Overall Picture of Music Marketing
There are two options for your independent music in the music business: You can either try to be your own record label (and/or PR firm, music company, entertainment agent, etc.), or you can partner with others who will do the work for you if you pay them. Either way, you need to know who does what.

Radio Airplay 101: How Retail and Radio Work Together
"...if a label gets to where it has at least four or five acts, and EACH one is charting in their respective airplay chart, and is doing 100+ gigs per year, and is getting 50+ articles/reviews per year, then it MIGHT be time to consider real retail promotion and distribution." Article by Bryan Farrish

Radio Airplay 101: Setting Up Radio Interviews
"After your airplay for your song/album is progressing, radio interviews are a great way to make use of the fact that the stations are liking your material. Also, as opposed to touring, interviews can be done on the phone, which means a lot of ground can be covered... even in a single day." Article by Bryan Farrish. Added 07/11/2003.

Radio Airplay 101: Making a Music Video
Many times, beginning bands that get a hold of some money ($100,000+) try to put out a video. There is nothing wrong with the intent, it's just that their timing is off. So, when is the timing right? Here are some words of wisdom from promoter Bryan Farrish. Added 06/06/2003.

Radio Airplay 101: Commerical Radio Myths
Many independent musicians, particularly those just starting in the business, have no real idea what goes on at a commercial radio station. In this article, promoter Bryan Farrish dispels many commonly held beliefs about the business of radio. Added 05/02/2003

Radio Airplay 101: Commerical Radio Ratings
When working a record to commercial regular-rotation radio, one thing and one thing only will help your career move forward: Helping the stations get ratings. Stations are not in the music business... they are in the ratings business... Here's how to impact their listeners. Article by Bryan Farrish. Added 04/03/2003.

Radio Airplay 101: Reporting vs. Charting
As you start doing more radio, you'll get more opportunity to choose between "reporting" and "non-reporting" stations, and also between "charting" and "non-charting" campaigns. Should you pick one over the other? Article by Bryan Farrish. Added 02/27/2003.

Radio Airplay 101: Why Clear Channel is Irrelevant for Indies
After endless concerns in the indie community about radio consolidation and Clear Channel, I'm here to tell you that it should be of no concern to you. Regular rotation on large stations (Clear Channel or otherwise) in major or medium markets is not available now ... nor has it ever been ... (for over 30 years) to small indie releases and artists any more than McDonalds is available to you to market your indie toys. Article by Bryan Farrish. Added 02/04/2003.

Radio Promotion Cost Sheet
Every wonder what it would cost to promote your music to radio? This cost sheet by promoter Bryan Farrish contains examples of four cost plans for taking a project to radio. These examples are designed for indie labels who are still learning the radio game and who are still developing their product.

Radio Airplay 101: What is 'Successful'?
The first question people have when they want to hire us (provided that they have never done an airplay campaign before) is "What airplay campaign do I need in order to be successful?" There couldn't be a more misplaced question. It's like when a cab driver asks you "Where to?" and you say "Well, where would I need to go in order to be successful?" Where you need to go depends on a million things, not to mention what your definition of "successful" might be. Article by Bryan Farrish. Added 09/25/2002.

Time of Year to Push Radio
Many people, when planning the date that their radio campaign will start, think that starting the campaign at a certain time of the year will make a huge difference in the outcome of the project. It won't. There are many other factors which are far more important, and these factors will determine what happens with your release... Article by Bryan Farrish. Added 09/02/2002

Bryan Farrish is an independent radio airplay promoter. He can be reached at 818-905-8038 or airplay@radio-media.com

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