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How to Be Your Own Booking Agent
The Musicianís & Performing Artistís
Guide To Successful Touring
4th Edition. (2017). 488 Pages.
by Jeri Goldstein

Fourth Edition (2017)
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A Message from David Nevue, founder of
the Music Biz Academy...

I've been hearing about this book for years, and finally decided to check it out. I have to say quite honestly that this may well be the BEST book on the music business as a whole that I've ever read. I was so impressed by it and I ENJOYED it.

I kept finding myself amazed by the books depth on so many topics. Every aspect of doing business as an independent musician is covered. I actually think the title of this book is somewhat misleading, because while the book certainly does cover the topic of How to Be Your Own Booking Agent, it contains so much more information than what you'd expect from a book with this title. It's more than just a book about managing your own tour, it's a book about managing the entire scope of your life and career as an independent artist.

For example, chapter headings include...

Preparing to Do Business and You Are A Small Business Entrepreneur which instruct you on how to set up your music as a professional business.

First Encounters teaches you exactly how to present yourself when making cold calls and how to master making a very good first impression.

The Promotional Package covers press kits, press releases, one-sheets, electronic press kits, working with graphic artists, copywriters, printers and how to keep press package costs down.

The Art of Negotiating teaches you exactly that in exceptional detail.

Lots of Contract Examples; everything from Letters of Intent to Contract Riders, Performance Contracts, Technical Riders and how to read, write and understand the small print in common music business contracts.

The Art of Touring covers audience development, regional touring, the roles of festivals, contests, showcases, house concerts, national tours, the college market, niche marketing, crossing the border into Canada and so much more.

Managing the Road gives you lots of practical information you must know about travel, working with agencies, a touring check list, discount travel programs, and a long list of resources.

Conferences, and how to expand your market into them by playing at showcases and industry events.

Funding Sources: where and how to apply for grants and sponsorships.

Marketing Your Act though publicists, mailing lists, interviews, previews, reviews and more. All about creating a marketing plan.

Accessing the Print, Radio and Television Media: Three chapters on this subject, giving you an insight as to how to approach, and make headway into each one of them.

Internet Marketing is covered in a chapter, as is The New Record Industry, Working with Professional Agents and Managers, Hiring Help and guidelines on When to Quit Your Day Job.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is an absolute must read for ANY artist or musician who's ready to step into a more successful music career!

Get this book! It's available as a PDF for
$29.97. The book is 488 pages, easy to read and understand, and at that price it's a bargain.

Since 1998, the award-winning, How To Be Your Own Booking Agent has been among the top selling music and performing arts business books. It is regularly selected each semester by professors teaching music business and the performing arts and continually recommended by musicians and performing artists worldwide. Jeri Goldsteinís unique step-by-step guide and resource book is artfully organized into 488 pages of savvy advice, realistic methods and action plans for the performing artist and is now available in its Fourth Edition. (2017)

This completely updated edition provides current information about immigration regulations for touring artists, new technology advances in digital and electronic press kits and web design basics along with exciting new insights from experienced professionals in the entertainment business. There are 24 chapters enhanced with completely updated resource sections following each chapter packed with recommended books, directories, web sites, businesses and new conferences helping artists achieve their career goals and this revised edition is truly THE Musicianís & Performing Artistís Guide To Successful Touring!

How To Be Your Own Booking Agent: THE Musicianís & Performing Artistís Guide To Successful Touring, tackles such topics as: The Art of Negotiating; How to Make Cold Calls; Setting Long Term Goals; Effective Telephone Techniques; Creating An Effective Promotional Package; Contracts; The Art of Touring; Managing the Road; Conferences; Trade Shows and Industry Events; Funding Sources; Crossing Borders--U.S./Canada Touring; Marketing Your Act; Accessing the Media: Print, Radio, Television and The Internet; Working with Your Record Company; Working with Managers and Agents; When to Quit Your Day Job; Hiring Help and Ethics and Attitudes.

Industry Quotes...

    ďMy bookshelves are filled with probably every book ever written about the music business, and twenty books on marketing, PR, and business strategy. But, I found How To Be Your Own Booking Agent to be the most helpful book on that, ďmaking money, making musicĒ topic that Iíve ever seen. Itís 490 pages filled with hot tips from *hundreds* of industry veterans. Every page has quotes and snippets along the edge, so you can leave this on your dinner table and flip through it whenever you have a minute, and *still* learn something every day.Ē
    - Derek Sivers, founder, CEO, CDBABY

    ďTruly Exceptional! Iím amazed at the depth and breadth of material Ms. Goldstein has compiled in one volume. This book belongs in every musicianís library.Ē
    - Micah Solomon, President, Oasis CD Manufacturing

    ďHow To Be Your Own Booking Agent is one of the most important music industry books on the market today. Jeri Goldsteinís expert advice, tips, techniques, and career strategies will guide you on your path to success. If youíre serious about a career in music, then this book is a MUST-HAVE.Ē
    - Shawn Fields, CEO, Getsigned.com


The information in How to Be Your Own Booking Agent is visually accessible with worksheets and a variety of forms included throughout the book that may be copied for the artist's use and convenience. Jeri has answered most of the burning questions, provided immediately usable methods and tackled many of the foreseeable problems. Most importantly, though, she offers the performing artist a step-by-step guide to create a successful touring career.

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