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13 Performing / Booking
Forms and Contracts
Fill-in-the-Blank Word Docs Formatted for Easy Use.
by Jeri Goldstein

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Contract Forms Combo Pack
This pack includes the Word version of the forms and contracts from the fantastic book How to Be Your Own Booking Agent by Jeri Goldstein.

Here’s a peek at what’s included:

Information Sheet
Send this with your contract. It asks the booker for contact details, directions, media contacts for their town, specialty referrals for restaurants, food stores, special needs like gyms or instrument repair techs, music stores, you name it. They fill it out and return it with your signed contract and you have the start of your media database and tour book.

Contract Information Sheet
Collect all your contract details on this form as you negotiate. You can then transfer these details to your actual contract, letter of intent or confirmation. Fill this out and make sure you get all the specifics for your gig.

Letter of Intent
Use this to hold a date, especially when you are waiting for certain details to be confirmed, such as venue availability, final date or fee amount. Getting a singed Letter of Intent eliminates those uncertain moments when one of you thought you had the date on hold, but the other did not.

Letter of Confirmation
Sometimes a simple letter outlining all the details is a better choice of document. There may be some organizations or groups like churches that you work with, who would be put-off or confused by a long, legal contract. BUT, you need to get it in writing, so this Letter of Confirmation may be just the right document for the situation.

Simple Contract
Just the facts, please! This one is short and simple, but is in legal contract form. You can fill in the blanks; rework the specifics for your state or country to make it specific to your needs. The clauses are straight forward and short for all those smaller gigs or club venues that don’t require more.

Complex Contract
If you’ve begun working with concert promoters and larger concert hall venues, then this one is for you, or for when you grow into those types of performance situations. It’s got the insurance and tax clauses you’ll need. It covers you on the comps. It also includes some clauses that are normally found in a Contract Rider. But contract Riders are easy to ignore, by included these clauses here, it is less likely they’ll be deleted without being scrutinized.

Contract Budget/Settlement
Now this form is a goldmine of negotiating information. This is your line item budgeting form. It helps you asks about all the expenses that a promoter figures into the final percentage that YOUR final Fee is based upon. Use this Form from now on and get paid exactly what you ought to be paid when you settle your gig.

Contract and Promo Tracking Form
Ever wonder what you sent to this venue or when you sent it or even when it is due back. Wonder no more! This visual reminder will keep you up to date so you can check in with anyone who owes you a return contract.

Performance Contract Rider
Yes, this is the place to define what color M & M’s you want in your dressing room! Seriously, a well written contract rider is supposed to help you describe to your promoter, how to best present your show. It’s those who get carried away with demands; that give the Contract Rider a bad name. It is an extremely useful document to both the artist and the venue when used properly.

Technical Rider
This one gives some basics that you may change according to your requirements and system needs. It is already set up to include many things, that you may not have thought of, but that when included, will make your show better. Add your own special tech needs and you are covered for all occasions. Send this with your contract and eliminate those last minute panics to get your tech needs met.

Hospitality Rider
If you want to present your best show, make sure you take care of yourself and your crew. The Hospitality Rider is NOT a “Fluff” document. It makes sure you have your meals, hotel and backstage necessities taken care of, so you can spend your time on a great sound check and a great show. Use this and add your own specifics with your realistic needs so you can do your best work. If you are playing clubs, it is likely the booker will disregard this, so don’t even send it. Use this once you start working in concert halls, with promoters and organizations.

Tour Budget Sheet
If you tour, you need to budget. This gives you a good starting point of what to include in a tour budget. You may have special items you’ll want to add.

Touring Checklist
Advancing your tour dates is the surest way to be organized and not forget anything. This checklist helps you do that in a timely, organized manner. USE THIS FORM FOR EVERY DATE and EVERY TOUR! Now you are a professional.

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