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Are You Ready for the
New, Improved, Morpheus?

Article by David Nevue - Midnight Rain Productions - Updated April 1st, 2002

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Morpheus To Level the Playing Field
for Independent Musicians

MusicCity.com, the heir-apparent to Napster, is seeking to 'level the playing field' for independent artists and musicians. Beginning in early April, independent artists will be able to promote and distribute their music to millions of listeners through the Morpheus User Network.

Your pictures, bio, and links will be included, along with your music, in a secure file-wrapper called 'CintoA,' a rules-based security feature that allows you as the artist to decide how many times a listener can preview your music before they are required to purchase it. MusicCity recommends artists charge .99 per single and/or an album for $8 U.S. Dollars. Artists will keep 70% of the gross from sales, and checks will be sent out monthly.

The cost for artists to include their music on the Morpheus network, will be $125 per song, or $495 for an entire 'album' of songs (up to 12 songs). When you join the MusicCity.com roster, 8,000 10,000 copies of your song (or album) will be placed on the MusicCity servers and from there it will be propagated into the Morpheus P2P network where millions of users can download, listen and have the opportunity to buy your music. Along with your music, you'll be submitting pictures, a bio, a link to your web site, and promo text to use for your 'description.'

MusicCity is aiming to go live with their new program in early April. If their web site is any indication, MusicCity.com looks ready to create some very interesting and exciting promotional opportunities for musicians. We at MusicBizAcademy.com are going to be watching developments very closely, and we will of course keep you all posted.

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Morpheus Seeks New Role In Music Biz


David Nevue is the founder of
The Music Biz Academy. He is also a professional pianist, recording artist, full-time Internet musician, and author of the book, "How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet."

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