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Q&A With Kenny Love
"We Simply Can't Survive as an Indie"
Commentary by Kenny Love

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The following letter is from a group of musicians whom I have personally known for several years, aired their incredible music on my radio show and, at one point, was scheduled to handle their worldwide promotion and publicity.

The act released a recording several years back that, in my opinion, should have immediately gone Gold, almost overnight, if not Platinum. And, imagine how difficult it was for me to witness the proverbial "dropping of the ball" to this effect, not to mention they have not released another recording since early 1997.

Bear in mind that this is also an unsigned/independent act that has performed, repeatedly, in front of crowds numbering 30,000 - 50,000! That's right...30 thousand to 50 thousand people! Right now, I can hear a bunch of Indie artists rolling up their shirt sleeves to give their right arm, just to have the opportunity to perform in front of crowds consisting of only one-fourth these sizes.

Hence, the reason for my tone within this Q&A, particularly, since I am aware that significantly lesser quality acts that have come after them, have gone on to achieve success. In fact, even the thought of it is almost illegal, isn't it? And if I was still a cop, I'd...


"Dear Kenny:

We can't survive independently - it would turn into a hobby if we continue this path. As much as we would love to remain indi, it's simply unrealistic. Certain styles of music can definitely be promoted successfully independently - but not Adult Alternative (pop/prog/jazz). We need the exposure of a wider audience & opportunities a label can provide."


Fight the Future


Dear Fight the Future:

I don't like getting on the proverbial "high horse," but what you *should* be fighting, is that Special FBI Agent Fox Mulder paranoia complex you seem to be exhibiting in full force regarding what "the truth" really is.

It is unfortunate, but you guys could not be further from the truth, perspective and outlook...especially now. I can't believe you are still looking for a major label deal in this industry's climate. But, to each his own...I guess some peeps just like the experience of having their brains washed with Tide detergent while on the rinse cycle.

I, alternatively, am currently working with several artists as their promoter and publicist, and with whom I am having incredibly successful results with, at all levels of the industry...radio, press, distribution, you name it.

I'm working for
this artist who is independent with worldwide distribution, and whom will vouch for my promotion and publicity results for his new release.

I have also recently begun working with a couple of former major label artists...not artists who were kicked to the curb by their labels, but artists who finally got tired of the BS with majors, and took the first northbound train to Clarkesville.

And, one such artist (formerly with Motown) has written for and produced the following rare, little-known individuals; Michael Jackson, Dionne Warwick, Smokey Robinson, Pat Boone, Anita Pointer, Thelma Houston, written several movie scores for HBO and CINEMAX.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that he was also discovered by another obscure and relatively unknown artist: Stevie Wonder? Check him out at http://www.?????.com. (sorry, but upon hindsight, I just couldn't possibly release his name).

Interestingly, regardless of how often it is stated, many unsigned/independent musicians and recording artists are *still* unaware of, and do not comprehend the unmatched power they yet harness today, which is the most they have ever had in this industry...EVER!

Staying independent, and doing your own deal in today's fractionalized music industry, will certainly be something you will think about strongly as you (IF you ever) start to sign your lives away with a major label, knowing already and fully that you are going to be ripped, with the only question being, "how deeply?" Will your "ripping" simply consist of the size of a paper cut, or will it require a Medivac operation of stitches the size of bungee cord?

By now, I have known you guys long enough to also know that you have enough experience to run your own label and be as successful as; Plunky & Oneness, Ani DeFranco, MaDonna, Prince and the myriad of other former major label artists who have seen "the light" (and, I ain't talkin' 'bout the light Mulder saw either).

I've often thought how ironic it is that, as many of the major label artists jump ship the second their contracts expire at the stroke of midnight on Halloween, there are still more desperately unsigned and independent artists (and, "SUSPECTING" ones, I might add) that are aware of the impending consequences that await them, but are ever so eager to take their places as vampiric victims.

Fortunately, with all of the industry's shake-ups, shake-downs and plain old sordid historical anal victimizations, this neck-biting number is dramatically dwindling.

Sorry for the sermon, guys, but after all, I am the product of a Catholic priest father and a Jehovah Witness-ordained mother. So, what do you expect?

Even Agent Mulder had to, eventually, face the fact that all aliens are not simply little gray or green men with plastic bubble eyes.

And, if you ever write me again, spelling "Indie" as "indi," please be advised that I will immediately report you to, and dispatch the services of Mrs. Arnold, my former College English teacher whom, wholeheartedly, believes in the extraction of fingernails (all 10, at last count) with gooseneck pliers, sans the benefit of anesthesia or painkillers. The raw experience is a real screamer, to say the least.


Kenny Love has an extensive background in both the Music and Writing industries. Learn about the new services that he is providing to unsigned and independent recording artists in response to today's shaken and fractionalized Music industry by sending an email request to klmubiz@getresponse.com.

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