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Automating Your Career Into Gear
Most musicians deplore working the business aspects of their careers, only doing so as a necessary evil and, usually, as a means to an end. Like it or not, most musicians are relegated to serving as their own manager. How can an artist keep their act progressing until they attract interest from a real manager? Article by Kenny Love. Added 11/05/2003.

Making Your Fans Your Closest Allies
Are you keeping your fans at an arms' distance? Or are you treating them like family? If you're neglecting your fans, you're missing out on one of your biggest promotional assets. Article by Kenny Love. 07/20/2003

Radio Specialty Shows: More Special Than You Think
Radio specialty shows are gold mines, yet, few artists are aware of them, or take advantage of their power. Read this article to learn how you can put them to great use. Article by Kenny Love. Added 06/06/2003

$1000 Gigs: How to Make 'Em
Want to learn how to turn *each* of your future live performances (starting with your very next gig) into $500-$1,000 profit-makers (minimum), regardless of what the gig is actually paying you to perform? Article by Kenny Love. Added 05/02/2003

Maxing Your Musical Mastery
Every musician has, at least, two methods he (or she) can use to proactively earn an income, yet, most only utilize one method. So, in an effort to apprise you of more areas that you may (or may not) have considered for producing more income from your local market, here are a list of avenues artists can utilize to gravitate to a higher tax bracket. Article by Kenny Love. Added 04/03/2003

Q&A: Sending CDs Across the Border
"We recently sent our CD out to a Canadian station, but it was returned. When we contacted the station, the MD informed us that the postal service had told them that the CD was valued at $100, and that in order to receive it, the station would need to pay an $18 fee. Weird, don't you think?" Answer by Kenny Love.

Q&A: A Question of Ownership - Falling Out with Old Band Mates
"I composed and performed all the instruments' parts in the songs we recorded. I have since had a falling out with my old band and now I am being approached by some interested promoters and producers that say my music has commercial merit. Is there any legal precedent against me using my material "As Is" and replacing the lyrics with my own?" Answer by Kenny Love.

Capitalizing on High Profile Gigs
Gigging musicians can become so caught up in the normal "work" syndrome that, when a highly publicized and well paying performance opportunity comes along, they become so concerned with the performance aspect that they completely forget about doing their part to promote it. Columnist Kenny Love offers 10 steps to avoid doing that.

Q&A: The Elusive Pressing and Distribution Deal
"I'm confused as to whom to approach regarding a possible P&D licensing deal. Could you help?" Answer by Kenny Love.

2 Vital Phases Artists *Must* Now Implement
Trying to operate in today's unrequited Music industry feels like watching an espionage cat-and-mouse chess game played out by Bond, James Bond (independents) and Dr. No (RIAA et al). "Bond" makes a move, then "Dr. No" counters by blowing something up...anything...and always out of proportion. Therefore, I am stepping in even closer to the game, and portraying one of those little pip squeak guys who is on Bond's team and so readily provides him with all of the neat little gadgets for counterintelligence and, ultimately, escape.

Q&A: "DIY Makin You Cry?"
"It is a great time to be an independent musician in the Music business, but it can also feel like a Catch-22 curse for those of us who must wear several hats; artist, businessperson, promoter and, in limited cases, distributor. Please explain how we can, not only find success with our recordings, how we can even hope to grow our labels beyond our debut release, or even hope to carry other artists on our labels in the future?" Answer by Kenny Love.

Declining Online Music $ales
We keep hearing about how sales are declining on the Internet. How does this translate to you, the independent artist? Does it matter? Promoter Kenny Love suggests how to compensate for declining sales.

Q&A: "We Simply Can't Survive as an Indie Band"
"We can't survive independently - it would turn into a hobby if we continue this path. As much as we would love to remain indi, it's simply unrealistic. Certain styles of music can definitely be promoted successfully independently - but not Adult Alternative (pop/prog/jazz). We need the exposure of a wider audience & opportunities a label can provide." Answer by Kenny Love.

In Case You Missed It...
A Bill in Limbo, Rhapsody Burns, MP3.com's Halloween Treat. Commentary by David Nevue.

Wonder What *They* Will Do Next?
It is fast turning into a virtual game of chess...Internet radio makes a move, with the RIAA following in close proximity. However, I am watching the next series of moves on both parties' behalves in much the same way as I park myself in front of the annual Super Bowl game. And, in my book, my money is on the leading team of Internet radio. Added 09/19/2002

Is Clear Channel, Clearly, the Music Industry's Antichrist?
It appears that, these days, no part of the music industry is unscathed with and populated by vipers, leeches, and angst-ridden vampires. And, the presence of werewolves is imminent. Added 09/19/2002.

In Case You Missed It....
RIAA War Turns Nasty, MP3 Bored, AudioGalaxy's New Spin ...Commentary by David Nevue. 09/17/2002.

Is the RIAA Becoming More Trouble Than it's Worth?
The more I review the RIAA's actions (and reactions) in today's industry, the more it appears to me that the RIAA is attempting to serve up more of its own agenda, political, financial or otherwise, in its own self-serving interest, as opposed to serving the music industry wholeheartedly and, most importantly, the recording artists for which it was (supposedly) originally founded and intended. Commentary by Kenny Love. Added 09/12/2002.

Why 'Johnny' Record Label (Can't Come Out To Play)
If you stop and listen for a moment, after nightfall, when all the kids have left the playground for the day, you can hear 'Johnny' lying in his bed, while going from a moderate sobbing, to screaming and wailing at the top of his lungs..."They are not supposed to be able to have fun without me!" Commentary by Kenny Love. Added 09/12/2002.

In Case You Missed It....
Radio Fairness Act, RIAA Under Attack, Strikes Back, The Lost Boys ...Commentary by David Nevue. Added 09/02/2002.

And *They* Want to Protect *Us*?
Today, (Wednesday, August 28, 2002), the RIAA web site was not only hacked into once, but twice. When I received the notice from MSNBC, on one hand, I snickered, while on the other hand, I questioned why such an organization that is heralding a cause to "protect" musicians and their works, is not more protective of, and has not implemented more advanced security measures with its own web site. Added 09/02/2002.

Greed: The Diarrhea of the Music Industry
"If independent recording artists could understand, for even the briefest of moments, the magnanimous financial potential they would realize in self-marketing their own recordings, as opposed to signing with a major label, we would see a new Music industry such as has never been known." Commentary by Kenny Love. Added 08/29/2002

The Truth About Major Labels
When I was growing up, I always thought that being signed to a major label was the pinnacle of a music career. It was my dream at the time to one day get a record deal, play arenas throughout the world, and earn millions. Fortunately, I eventually gave up the pipe dream that a major label deal is the key to a successful career. Surprisingly enough, many musicians have not. It still amazes me to this day the number of clients I get that think they are ready to take on the world with a major label after only selling 1000-2000 discs. Article by David Hooper. Added 08/28/2002.

In Case You Missed It....
Web Royalties Appealed, Forrester's Research, The Internet Debacle...Commentary by David Nevue. 08/17/2002.

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