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Wonder What*They*
Will Do Next?
Internet radio not out, and may not
even be down any longer.

Commentary by Kenny Love

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It is fast turning into a virtual game of chess...Internet radio makes a move, with the RIAA following in close proximity. However, I am watching the next series of moves on both parties' behalves in much the same way as I park myself in front of the annual Super Bowl game. And, in my book, my money is on the leading team of Internet radio.

"What's that you say, partner? Internet radio is back in the game?"

Yep, and as Mr. Spock states in the Star Trek movie, whereby, he returns from the dead, "Excuse me, Doctor, but I believe I hear the souls of thousands crying out in desperation." (I will do anything to get a Spock statement in).

In the latest battle of the war between the states, er, I mean, the war between the RIAA vs. Internet radio, one need confirm no more evidence of this than to feast thine eyes upon
this article that clearly shows Internet radio distancing itself in the race through this newly released technology in an attempt to continue webcasting.

And, while this new technology does not allow for the worldwide online broadcast, and though it is limited to a given station's area listenership, it does allow for a far better situation for brick-and-mortar stations that was previously not even an option, nor consideration.

In other words, if this test with WRAL-FM as the "guinea pig" is a success, we will see the return of, practically, every radio station that has been forced out of its webcasting as a result of the joint efforts of
the RIAA and the Library of Congress.

And, this is, for once, a win-win situation for recording artists because, if enough of these stations begin to air a given recording nationally, then simulcasting will provide for exponential airplay.

Previously, I believe the RIAA's primary "concern" was that royalties should have been collected due to stations' abilities to reach an international audience. What it did not anticipate, was the creation of this new technology. Perhaps, it will now return to amend its legal complaint to also cover localized online broadcasts as well.

And, if it does that, wouldn't it also need to make the argument against local stations that have local cable television channels that simulcast their programming? Or, let's even take it one step farther. What about television programs that rebroadcast their content on
radio? Hmm...

Methinks that the RIAA and LOC should invest in a huge supply of Ibuprofen. I only wonder as I wander, wondering what they will attempt next.


Kenny Love has an extensive background in both the Music and Writing industries. Learn about the new services that he is providing to unsigned and independent recording artists in response to today's shaken and fractionalized Music industry by sending an email request to klmubiz@getresponse.com.

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