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Supporters of Independent Music
Independent Music is thriving on the Internet. Here's our directory of the top web sites to be familiar with as a musician - a run down of influential web sites supporting independent music.

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About.com: Musicians' Exchange
About.com’s Musicians’ Exchange is a great place to just drop by and browse. There are gobs of helpful articles, along with a large number of useful links, resources, and reviews. You’ll find information on promotion, legal advice, gear, labels, producers, and organizations. Virtually anything related to the music business that’s of interest to you can be researched here. Updated 10/07/2010  

Dedicated to Independent music and musicians, this newsgroup gets it's fair share of spam and like any newsgroup, receives numerous posts from many self-serving visitors. But, there's good material amidst the clutter, with interesting discussions, newsletters, and service recommendations posted. Worth checking out, even if just for a chuckle at some of the inane posts. Updated 10/07/2010.

This “Worldwide Band Name Registry” is basically a place to register your band name to ensure no one else is using it. In addition, you’ll find a great selection of articles, a nice classified ad section, and a well organized link page to other valuable resources. Updated 10/07/2010.

The Buzz Factor
Bob Baker's "The Buzz Factor" is a must-see if you're an independent artist. While yes, Bob's web site is devoted primarily to selling his music and book marketing materials, you'll also find lots of great guerilla music marketing articles and tips. Check out his blog and while you're at it, sign up for the Buzz Factor newsletter. Updated 10/07/2010

Festival Network Online
Pick a date, a state, and see all the festivals happening within a particular area. Over 20,000 listings. You can view event listings for free, but need to join at $49/year to get the event details. Features include the ability to search by 24 types of music, perform a radius search, view festival ratings entered by others and perform keyword searches. Updated 10/07/2010

At Festivals.com, you’ll discover the latest details on festivals from all across America. Search by state, subject or keyword. A great research tool if you travel the festival circuit. Updated 10/07/2010. 

Magnatune: A Record Label that Isn't Evil
Magnatune is probably the only "record label" we'd ever recommend you consider submitting your music to. Forward thinking, artist friendly, and totally aware of how music lovers prefer buying their music, Magnatune is making good use of the Internet to expose artists to new listeners and buyers. Their unique business model has been featured in USA Today, the BBC, Time Magazine and others. View the Magnatune plan, key attributes, and what's in it for musicians for an overview of this fascinating music business model. Updated 10/07/2010

Moses is somewhat of a controversial figure in the music business. He well-respected by some, dismissed by others. But no matter what you think, his commentaries are interesting, well-written, and raise important questions. I recommend subscribing to the
Moses Supposes newsletter, at the very least. Moses has his finger on the pulse of the business, and he always has an interesting point of view. Updated 10/07/2010.

Music Thoughts Discussion Group
This very active discussion group was created by CD Baby founder Derek Sivers as “A popular, open place for musicians to talk to other musicians.” It’s a great place to hang out and get a vibe for what other musicians are thinking and talking about. And, if you need a place to get advice, receive feedback on your music, or find out whether or not a company is reputable, this is a great place to ask.
Updated 10/07/2010.

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