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Talent Agencies
Talent agencies, booking agents, entertainment lawyers, song shopping services, etc.

Music Distribution
How and where to distribute
independent music on the Internet.

Radio, Film & Television
Recommended radio promoters, radio and television programs supporting independent music.

Copyright / Music Law
Info on copyright law, publishing, and/or trademarks. Entertainment law services.

Buy & Sell Stuff
Buy or sell instruments, home recording equipment, software, audio stuff and lot's more.
Web Hosting for Musicians
Independent music sites that host band/artist pages and/or sponsor musician communities.

CD Manufacturing
Recommended Compact Disc manufacturers, duplicators and mastering services.

Indie Music Supporters
Influential web sites supporting and driving independent music on the Internet

Products & Services
CD display units, audio mastering, packaging, photo duplication, e-commerce, barcoding, PR services, event insurance & more.
How-To's, Tips, & Tutorials
Have a question about the music business? These sites are made just for you.

CD, Web & Graphic Design
From CD covers and packaging to graphic design for logos, flyers, posters and more.

Promo Merchandise
Put your band logo or image on t-shirts, hats, mugs, key chains and more! Lots of goodies!

Music Biz Newsletters
Online magazines, newsletters and trade publications for musicians.