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Promotional Merchandise
& Gimmicks

Looking for 'cool stuff' to give away to fans? Need T-shirts, caps or sweatshirts to promote your band? These services can put your band logo or image on shirts, mugs, mousepads, stickers, puzzles, key chains, and of other goodies at very reasonable prices.

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Bandwear.com specializes in creating unique merchandise and specialty items for independent musicians. Using your own artwork, you can create shirts, caps, stickers, promotional items like mugs, keychains, matchbooks and lighters, promotional postcards and posters - just about anything. If you donít have your own art designer, their staff can help you with design and logos. Once your product is created, Bandwear can provide you with a custom link so you can sell your product from your own web site, making their store, part of your own store. Updated 10/11/2007.

Blueberry Ink
Blueberry Ink offers an amazingly large number of items to put your band logo on. Everything from the basics (t-shirts, caps, keychains) to more unconventional (electronics, note pads, tools, journals, candy, candles personal care items and trade show items.) Really nice web site, and a great place to browse for new promotional ideas. Updated 10/11/2010.

Create your own CafePress.com "shop" and you can sell T-Shirts, mugs, mouse pads and over 80 other products branded with your logo right from your web site. Simply upload your digital artwork, use their "instant design generator" to create the look you want, click "save", and you will instantly have your own "store" at  CafePress.com. You sell the merchandize via a link from your web site, then CafePress makes and ships it. You collect the profit. The only cost to you is the wholesale cost of the merchandise you actually sell. You decide your own profit margin by adding your desired profit to the base price. For details specific to creating your own shop, go here. Updated 10/11/2010.

Cooler Stubbies
Here's a "cool" promotion item - unique drink coolers with your logo or brand, particularly handy for those club gigs. A wide range of cooler styles is offered, including beer mats and coasters. Updated 10/11/2010.  

How about flinging your demo CDs and/or other CD media safely into crowds at concerts, festivals and sporting events - just about anywhere people are gathered. Here's a cool idea that will have curious strangers checking out your CD. Updated 10/11/2010.

Identity Links: Light Up Promo Products
Identitity links offers an amazing selection of products you can put your brand, logo, or image on, but check out these light up promotional products, including necklaces, key chains, glasses' glow wands, fiber-optic hats, straws, pens and even ice cubes. Turn your club gig into a dazzling light show - worn entirely by your audience! Updated 10/11/2010.

Stamps.com: Put Your CD on a Postage Stamp?
It's very expensive promotion (almost a buck per stamp), but a nice gimmick. Perhaps a good attention getter for that press kit? Worth a look, if for no other reason than to know it's there. Updated 10/11/2010.

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