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Products & Services For Musicians
Audio mastering, packaging materials, photo duplication, e-commerce, digital editing, barcoding, PR services, and more.

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Need Mastering? Unsure? Check out this Article...
Mastering Your Music: Why You Need it, Where to Get it, and How to Make the Most of it.
Mastering is widely misunderstood, often mangled, and sometimes mistaken for mixing. So, what is mastering? Mastering is what gives depth, punch, clarity and volume to your tracks. It is part science, part craft, and part alchemy... just like songwriting, singing, performing and recording. It's a crucial step, and this is the essential guide. Article by the G-Man.

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ABC Pictures
ABC is the premier photographic duplication company for artists looking to procure photo slicks or other promotional materials for your press kit. We have personally worked with ABC and can vouch for their quality, service and turnaround time. ABC offers glossy 8x10s, posters, postcards, business cards and specialty items. Call and request their free catalog or request free samples of their work from the web site. Updated 10/08/2010. 

At BandPasses.com, you can have some very cool laminated security and promotional backstage passes made for your concert or other event. The basic package, 25 passes with 1 side printed in color and lanyards, is just $99. Check out the sample gallery. Updated 10/08/2010.

Bruce Miller Mixing & Mastering
We don't review many mixing and mastering services, but this service by Bruce Miller, who has engineered work for Miles Davis, Yes, Mariah Carey, Canibus, Lost Boyz, Dave Matthews, Luthor Vandross, Whitney Houston, and many others, really caught our eye. Bruce provides a number of services to musicians, including mixing, mastering, production, recording and editing. If you're in the market for any of these services, you simply must check out Bruce's prices, which include a $99 'Starving Artist Special' for one song. Updated 10/08/2010.

CD Counter Displays
Looking for that perfect counter display for your CDs or DVDs at gigs? Here are four of our favorite web site resellers that together, give you about every conceivable display option for your product!
CD Counter Displays
Updated 10/08/2010.

Cheap TV Spots!
Want to make that "As Seen on TV" spot for your band or CD? Cheap TV Spots will help you come up with a concept, do all the scripting, filming, editing and even help you get your ad on television
if you like. They can get you coverage locally, nationally or internationally. A complete, ready-to-air commercial runs $1,999. MUCH less expensive than many alternatives, and worth a look if you're in the market to do a TV ad. More details as well as plenty of sample ads at the web site. Updated 10/08/2010.

Diamondisc Audio
Diamondisc Audio is a
full service multimedia company specializing in CD Mastering services as well as Short-Runs of CDs and DVDs, CD/DVD replication, digital editing, song catalog archiving, audio restoration, MP3 mastering, Stereo Mixing, website design, digital content delivery, video editinga, DVD authoring, graphic design and much more. Updated 10/08/2010.

Event Insurance: TheEventHelper.com
Ever need to pick up insurance for your event? On occasion, performance venues will require it. TheEventHelper.com can provide you with the event insurance you need quickly, easily, and pretty inexpensively. Added 05/12/2011.

FanBridge is a list management service designed specifically for musicians to help them build a fan base using the current social networking trends. The whole point of FanBridge, really, is to make list management and social network communication fun and easy. FanBridge gives you a mailing list sign up form that you can put just about anywhere, not just your web site, but also MySpace and Facebook. Using their service you can send out some really nice looking newsletters with links built right in to purchase your music. Itís free to try, but if you decide to stick with it, pricing starts at $9/month for up to 1,000 messages sent. Added 10/08/2010.

Indie Band Manager
Indie Band Manager is powerful database software that helps you manage your contacts and career. To quote the web site "Indie Band Manager is the complete and affordable way to manage a performing career. Musicians, agents, labels, comedians, dancers, film makers and publicists all over the world manage thousands of pages of information on fans, venues, media contacts, bookings, inventory, finance, content, and calendar all in one place." The PRO version comes with a database of thousands of contacts for venues, press, and radio stations included. The "Lite" version, which contains all Contact Management, Booking, and To Do List modules, but no financial, resource directory, or inventory modules costs $49.95. The full-featured PRO version costs $219.95. Download either version for Mac or PC to try out FREE to make sure it's right for you. Updated 10/08/2010.

John Vestman Mastering
We recently discovered John's studio while searching the net for someone to assist us in mastering one of our own album projects. John's rates are very reasonable, and on the web site you'll find many articles that provide an insight into the thought process behind John's highly regarded work. Articles include 'How to Prepare for Mastering', 'Secrets for Better Mixing', 'Secrets for Better Miking,' 'Compression Explained,' 'Studio Monitor Madness' and others. A lot of good, easy to understand information here for those unfamiliar with the technical details behind mastering. Updated 10/00/2010

Mastering Your Music: Why You Need it, Where to Get it, and How to Make the Most of it.
Mastering is widely misunderstood, often mangled, and sometimes mistaken for mixing. So, what is mastering? Mastering is what gives depth, punch, clarity and volume to your tracks. It is part science, part craft, and part alchemy... just like songwriting, singing, performing and recording. It's a crucial step, and this is the essential guide. Article by the G-Man. Updated 10/08/2010.

MasterLab is an all format CD, DVD and digital mastering and duplication facility, founded by former Marilyn Manson drummer Sara Lee Lucas and partner Trace, international computer whiz-kid. Aside from mastering and duplication, MasterLab provides graphic design services, video for CD & DVD, digital photography, merchandising, and artist public relations. Partial Client List includes: The Rolling Stones, Prince, Snoop Dogg, Enya, Wu Tang Clan and Disney. Updated 08/10/2010.

Mi2N: The Music Industry News Network
Mi2N is the place to find out what's going on NOW in the music industry. Every day, you'll find dozens of new stories, and if you're looking for a career in the business, don't miss the career postings. mi2n's excellent news service is split into ten distinct categories for easy browsing. Mi2N is one of the newsfeeds we follow regularly. Updated 10/08/2010.

Need MP3 tools? Encoders? CD Rippers? Playlist managers? Skin makers? Editors? Whatever you need in terms of audio tools, you'll find options for in the MP3Machine.com directory. As of this writing, MP3Machine contains over 2400 software titles to help you get the job done. Updated 10/08/2010.

MusicPro Insurance
Founded by Phil Crosland, ASCAP's senior vice president of marketing, MusicPro provides insurance coverage for the music professional. Coverage includes instrument and equipment, studio liability, tour liability, special event liability, travel accident, health, life and long term care. Other insurance options are available depending on your state of residence. For more information, read this interview with Phil Crosland about MusicPro. Updated 10/08/2010.  

Myxer Ringtones
Here's an easy way to make your songs available to your fans as ringtones. Just upload your song, edit the ringtone so it sounds how you want it to, enter your (or the customer's) mobile phone number and click "send to phone" to send the ringtone. Updated 10/08/2010.

Northeastern Digital Mastering
Northeastern Digitial provides a large variety of services for musicians, including audio mastering for CDs, DVDs and Internet, Video production and multimedia authoring (CD-Rom, Enhanced CD) and much more. Past clients include some big names; Frank Zappa, Boston, Ringo Starr, David Bowie, Joan Jett, The Beach Boys and others. Updated 10/08/2010.

Want to print up some quick tickets for your upcoming concert? Look no further. Just pick a template, enter your concert info and you'll have ready to use tickets in your hands in just a few days. You can also print raffle tickets, wristbands, posters, banners, badges and more. Request a free sample kit from the web site. Updated 10/08/2010.

ULINE Shipping Supply Specialists
If you are looking for packaging supplies for your CDs or other products, ULINE is the place to shop. They have the sturdiest, most professional CD mailers we've seen and we've been using their products for over ten years now. We highly recommend the self-sealing multi-depth mailers for 1-4 CDs or the 10 CD tab locking box for large CD orders. Excellent customer service and fast shipping times. Updated 10/08/2010. 

Website Music Player
Here's an easy-to-install product that let's you offer your web site, MySpace or Facebook visitors not only a streaming preview of your music, but they can buy and download the music right from the player as well. The player integrates with PayPal, so you listener can pay at PayPal with either their PayPal
account or a credit card. After successful payment, the customer is forwarded to a download page that contains the songs they have paid for. The player is a subscription service, so you pay monthly (or yearly) for their use. Monthly options start at $8/month. Updated 10/08/2010.

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