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Top 10 Music Marketing and Promotion Ezines
Our good friends at
The Bard's Crier have compiled their list of the top ten music marketing and promotion ezines available on the net. We totally agree with them... with one exception. In their humility, they didn't include their own newsletter, which should definitely be there! Added Jan 2002.

Music Biz E-Zines, Newsletters & Trades
Listed Alphabetically starting with the letter 'B'....
(starting letters rotate periodically to give all sites equal exposure)
Latest Review added here 05/29/2007. Don't miss this weeks featured listing on our home page.

The Bandit A&R Newsletter
Bandit is a monthly publication (in business for nearly 20 years)
designed to help musicians target their demos and press kits to music businesses (labels, publishers, managers and producers) that are actively searching for new talent. Every month, the newsletters feature 30 companies,  in the UK, the US and around the world, the information in the newsletter coming directly from the people named, immediately prior to publication, to ensure the highest possible accuracy. The newsletter is $18 (US) per month, or less if paid quarter or yearly and based on the testimonials, a very good investment.
A free sample copy of the newsletter is available by sending an email to bandit.196@aweber.com. Updated 05/29/2007.

The Bards Crier
This highly recommended, free guerrilla music marketing ezine for the working musician comes from Marc Gunn, a working musician himself. The newsletter contains some fantastic articles about promoting your music, both online and at performances. The Crier also includes reviews of music biz books, as well as worthwhile freebies on the net. Updated 07/28/2005.

The Celebrity Cafe
While not exactly offering services to musicians, the 'Celebrity Cafe' is a great place to go to hear from the "voice of experience." The site features tons of interviews from celebrities of all walks of life; music, sports, film, supermodels, record producers and much more. You'll find interviews here with a number of top bands and artists which will be of interest to musicians. Some examples; Milla Jovovich, Ike Turner, Blues Traveler, Extreme and more. The Celebrity Cafe will also review your CD for their web site. Updated 05/03/2002.

Digital Music News
This has been my favorite ezine of late, with news sent out every day as it related to the digital music industry. Sign up for the free newsletter and stay right on top of new technologies as they are happening. Added 07/28/2005.

Guitar Nine Records
Guitar 9 Records is a hosting service/online store/monthly ezine for independent artists/bands that feature the guitar as their dominant instrument. If you're not already familiar with Guitar 9, we urge you (particularly if you're a guitarist with a CD to market) to take a look at Guitar 9's fine site. Guitar 9 Records has been around for years, and they have consistently stayed true to their purpose - promoting independent guitar music on the Internet (now over 1500 guitar artists). Some of the finest undiscovered guitar players in the world can be found here, and you'll find lots of articles on the music business from a guitarists perspective. Updated 04/07/2005.

Music Connection Magazine
Music Connection has been paving the way for the amateur and professional musician for over 25 years now. Based in Los Angeles, MC contains articles for everyone on all aspects of the music business, from getting started to information on where to find publishers, record labels and so on. Whether discussing raw survival or the factors contributing to breakthrough success, Music Connection examines and defines the realities of music making. It's readership is now up over 75,000. Each issue includes a directory, list or guide focusing on a wide array of businesses and services which support a career in music. Music Connection also contains the largest Free Classified section of its kind in any publication -- and the ads are absolutely free! You'll find exclusive cover stories, an A&R report, songworks (the craft of songwriting), info on the latest studio gear, and more. Updated 08/01/2002.

One Way Magazine
One Way is a free bi-monthly magazine targeted to music fans in Los Angeles County. Circulation is 30,000, and the magazine is available in record stores, music stores, bookstores, restaurants, clubs and bars, spas and health clubs, and college campuses. Each issue includes a free CD sampler, of which you can be part. One Way offers competitive advertising packages to musicians looking for quick exposure. A 'Mini-Showcase', their entry-level advertising option, includes a song on their CD, a quarter-page ad in the magazine, a
web site feature and Song streamed on ONE WAY Magazine Online. Updated 07/28/2005

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