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Keeps You Busy Marketing Your Music While on Tour
by Christopher Knab - Fourfront Media & Music
- Updated January 2008

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The following information is what a professional major label Marketing Itinerary looks like for an act who is doing a two week tour of the U.S. As you can see they have the act doing a lot more than just performing at clubs. They keep the act busy while on the road visiting radio stations, doing press interviews, and in-store visits. Hey, who ever said it was going to be easy?

Prototype of an Actual Tour Marketing Itinerary


Date Location Event / Venue
Chicago, IL
Minneapolis, MN
Atlanta, GA
Boulder, CO
Salt Lake City, UT
Boise, ID
Portland, OR
Seattle-Tacoma, WA
Memphis, TN
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Albuquerque, NM
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
Dallas, TX
Atlanta, GA
Double Door
Promotion only
'Stand Alone'Video Shoot
Fox Theater
Club Axis
The Big Easy
Fez's Ballroom
Chop Suey
Showtime taping (Jay-Z)
House of Blues
Cajun House
Sunshine Theature
The Engine Room
Cotton Club


Thurs. Feb. 13: Chicago, IL, Double Door
LPM's: Carl M. cell: 888-888-8888
Mary S., cell: 888-888-8888
7:30am: Bill W, 888-888-8888 will meet at hotel lobby to take to
8:00am: Morning radio interview with B96 with Eddie and JoBo /  Studio line
8:30am: Liners and then breakfast with Eric B from B96
9:30am: Visit to WKSC for ID's and drops for morning show / 875 N. Michigan Ave.
11:00am: Visit to Jeff M & Assoc.(independent radio promoters) /  contact: Dan L. 888-888-8888
11:30am: Mike R, 888-888-8888 will meet at Jeff M's
12:00pm: Retail walk thru at K's Music / contact: Ken W,
12:45pm: Retail walk-thru at Jon's Retail / contact: Manuel H, 888-888-8888
1:30pm: Retail walk thru at Coop's Records / .
contact: Stan M, 888-888-8888
btwn 3/4:00pm: Soundcheck (act's DJ can do this w/o him if needed)
7:00pm: Mixers dinner at ESPN Zone /
contact #: 888-888-8888
7:30pm: Phoner into the Chocolate Guys from WPWX ph: 888-888-8888 contact: Chris L, 888-888-8888
8:00pm: Doors
8:30pm: Videointerview with VIP - interview will take place backstage (10 min.) / Al T will be the shows contact. call Arthur P, 888-888-8888
10/10:30pm: Performance time
after performance: Depart for Minneapolis
Hotel: Alle's (day rooms)
Chicago, IL / 888-888-8888


Fri. Feb. 14: Minneapolis, MN, Promotion (show has been canceled)
LPM's: Nina N, cell: 888-888-8888
11:30am: Nina N, 888-888-8888 will meet at hotel to take to radio
12:00pm: On-air interview with KDWB
2:30-3:30: Meeting at Goldies Records /  Minnetonka, MN contact: Cyndy G, 888-888-8888
4:00pm: On-air interview with KTTB
6:44pm: Depart Minneapolis / Northwest Airlines flight #1272 (paid for by your Label)
5:00pm: Doors
6:00pm: Lyricist Lounge showtime
7/7:30pm: Performance time
after performance: Club walk-thru with Angie V (KTTB)
Mendota Heights, MN / ph: 888-888-8888


Sat. Feb. 15: Atlanta, GA, "Stand Alone" Video Shoot-all day.


Sun. Feb. 16: Boulder, CO, Foxy;s Club
contact: Fred M, cell: 888-888-8888
7:00am: Depart Atlanta / United Airlines flight #759
8:14am: Arrive in Denver
8:14am: Take airport shuttle bus to hotel by airport
La Quinta Inn
Denver, CO / ph: 888-888-8888
11:15am: Sammi B, 888-888-8888 will meet at airport to radio /
(note: radio has been moved to 1:00pm)
1-2:00pm: On-air radio interview with KQKS /  Denver
2:30pm: Depart for Boulder
5:45pm: Meet-n-greet and drops with KFMD (station is closed so it will take place in Boulder on the tour bus or hotel)
6:00-7:00pm: Meet-n-greet with various mixers at Players Club (20 people)
8:00pm: Doors
9:00pm: Lyricist Lounge showtime
after performance: overnight drive to Salt Lake City, UT


Mon. Feb. 17: Salt Lake City, UT Promotion
LPM's: Bradley Y, cell: 888-888-8888
2:15pm: Fisher Z, 888-888-8888 will meet at hotel to take to radio
3:00-4:00pm: On-air radio interview with KZHT /  Salt Lake City, UT, station contact #: 888-888-8888
4:30-5:30pm: On-air interview with KUUU / Salt Lake City, UT ...station contact #: 888-888-8888
6:00pm: Depart for Idaho (overnight in Idaho)


Tues. Feb. 18: Boise, ID, The Big Fall
LPM's: Jim M, cell: 888-888-8888, Marc B , cell: 888-888-8888
12-3:00pm: Photo Shoot for video"Yellow Rat Bastard" / will be held at the hotel
3:30pm: Howie K, 888-888-8888 will meet in hotel lobby to take to radio
4:00pm: Radio visit and interview with KZMG (Top 40)
7:00pm: Doors
8:00pm: Show begins
before performance: Meet-n-greet with grand prize winners from KZMG (2 people)
9:30pm: performance time

Press: Idaho Statesman - running advance photo preview


Wed. Feb. 19: Portland, OR, Fez's Ballroom
LPM's: Walt O, cell: 888-888-8888
Time TBD: On-air interview with KXJM
1:00pm: Lunch with mixers and winners from KXJM (20 people)
Time TBD: Radio interview and drops for KKRZ & meet-n-greet with staff (10 people)
1-3:00pm: Visit to colleges and lifestyle accounts for various activities. Retail walk thru- tied in with Adidas
8:30pm: Doors
9:30pm: Show begins...Internet station broadcasting
10:30pm: performance time
after party: tied in Adidas and Lyricist Lounge Tour

overnight in Portland


Thurs. Feb. 20: Seattle, WA, George's
LPM's: Stevie Z...KEXP, cell: 888-888-8888
Time TBD: Radio interview and drops with KUBB
Time TBD: Mixers and winners lunch (20 people)
1-3:00pm: Visits to colleges and indie retail stores, Retail walk thru tied in with Adidas
8:00pm: Doors
9:00pm: Show begins
10:30pm: performance time
before performance: Meet-n-greet with grand prize winners from KUBB (2 people)


Fri. Feb. 21: Travel to Memphis
9:50am: Depart Seattle / Northwest Airlines flight #960 (reserved not yet ticketed - - this is just in case, paid for by your Label)
3:51pm: Arrive in Memphis


Sat. Feb. 22: Memphis
LPM's: Carl M, cell: 888-888-8888
Vivian B, cell: 888-888-8888
Time TBD: Showtime taping for Tonite Show performance


Sun. Feb. 23: New York, NY, Grammy's
LPM's: Vivian B, cell: 888-888-8888
Ashley E, cell: 888-888-8888
8:50am: Depart Memphis / Northwest Airlines flight #800 (reserved not yet ticketed)
12:19pm: Arrive in Newark
all day and evening: blocked for the Grammy's
Time TBD: Big Dog radio with Hot 99


Mon. Feb. 24: Los Angeles, CA, House Of Blues
LPM's: Jill W, cell: 888-888-8888
Willie R, cell: 888-888-8888
9:00am: Depart Newark / Continental Airlines flight #1402 (reserved not yet ticketed)
12:24pm: Arrive in LA
1-2:30pm: Retail walk thru
2:30-3:30pm: Trade visits
Time TBD: Radio interview with KKBT
Time TBD: Radio interview with KPWR
6:30pm: Two limos p/u at KCAQ
7:00pm: Dinner at the House of Blues with KCAQ


Tues. Feb. 25: Phoenix, AZ, Cajun House
LPM's: Gail H, cell: 888-888-8888
3:30pm: Radio interview with KZZP
4:30pm: Radio interview with KKFR


Wed. Feb. 26: Albuquerque, NM, Sunshine Theater
LPM's: Jim T, cell: 888-888-8888
3-3:40pm: Radio interview with KYLZ
4:15pm: Radio interview with KKSS


Thurs. Feb. 27: Austin, TX, Mercury
LPM's: Walt Y, cell: 888-888-8888
Nancy T, cell: 888-888-8888
Time TBD: Retail walk thru at Music Man / Austin, TX, contact: Bill B, 888-888-8888
5:00pm: Radio interview with KQBT (after will conduct 2nd interview that will be taped and aired over the weekend as a Podcast!) after performance: meet-n-greet with station winners.


Fri. Feb. 28: Houston, TX, The Engine Room
LPM's: Les M, cell: 888-888-8888
Miles D, cell: 888-888-8888
Time TBD: Radio interview with KBXX
Time TBD: Visit to local High School for "Safe Sex" visit
Time TBD: Mixer lunch w/ KBXX DJ's
1-3:00pm: Retail walk thru at Turntable II / Houston, TX, contact: Jimi H
Time TBD: Radio interview with KPTY
after performace: Club night at club TBA


Sat. Mar. 1: Dallas, TX, Promotion
LPM's: Brian F, cell: 888-888-8888
Terry F, cell: 888-888-8888

Sun. Mar. 2: Atlanta, GA, Cotton's
LPM's: Chris F, cell: 888-888-8888
3:00pm: Radio interview with WHTA
3:45pm: Radio interview with WVEE
after performance: Meet-n-greet with various people for radio and retail.

OK,  you can rest now...but not too much...your Label is putting you on a 22 week tour coming up in just 10 days!-----

Christopher Knab is an independent music business consultant based in Seattle, Washington. He is available for private consultations on promoting and marketing independent music, and can be reached by email at: chris@chrisknab.net

Chris Knab's new book,
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