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CD, Web & Graphic Design Services
Designers specializing in CD packaging and art design.
Most CD Manufacturers can also provide you with design services. If you don't find what you're looking for here, be sure to check out our recommended CD manufacturers!

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For Your Graphic Design Needs,
We Recommend...

Newleaf Design: CDs, Posters, One-Sheets & Logos
In this business of music, image means everything! You know it, we know it, the music industry knows it. Let our hand-picked graphic designer help you make a powerful statement about your music! Whether you need art design for your CD package, posters, logos, or your web site, our design partners can make you look like a pro!

CD, Web & Graphic Design Services

Auntie Momo Design
If you’re looking for someone to design (or redesign) a web site for you, here’s an inexpensive option. We like Auntie’s designs they tend to be simple and classy, just as a web site should. View the online portfolio for some examples. Graphic and logo design is available as well. Updated 10/14/2010.

CDDesign.com has an exceptional design portfolio and their design prices are quite good, especially for CD art packages that look as good as these do. My contact at CDDesign.com, creative director Eric Fritz, stated the following: "We provide flat-rate, per project quotes (no hourly charges) and we revise until the client is satisfied." If you need a designer, be sure to check out Eric’s work. It's truly fantastic. Updated 10/14/2010. 

CDS Group
While looking for a graphic designer we stumbled across CDS, a company that specializes not only in graphic and CD packaging design, but also complete CD manufacturing services. Not only were we impressed with their design work (they have plenty of examples on their site), CDS can design and manufacture your entire CD package for you. While their prices are not the lowest you'll find, they are reasonable and this certainly is one case where you'll get the quality you pay for. If you're searching for a company do put it all together for you, and work side by side with you in creating a package the represents you and your music, CDS is certainly a good choice. 1-3 turnaround on short-run CD duplication available. Updated 10/14/2010.

Darkgrove Design
If you like you're graphic design leaning toward the dark, metal/fantasy style, you'll
love the work of Jan "Örkki" Yrlund. Lots of samples to look at in a large portfolio featuring Jan's designs of not only CD artwork, but also web sites, MySpace pages, t-shirts, promo materials and more. Updated 10/14/2010.

Digital Vista: Visual Promotions for the Music Industry
Rich DiSilvio of Digital Vista specializes in what he calls “Visual Promotions” which includes web design, CD cover art and multimedia. Rich’s artwork has a very unique touch, with a visually stunning presentation. Those of you looking for a fantasy art/otherworldly/very colorful look for your CD covers, take note. Digital’s CD cover artwork will make your album stand out, that's for sure. Additional services include computer illustration and graphics. Updated 10/14/2010.

Lawrence Marie, Inc.
Lawrence Marie, Inc. offers some very impressive design work for CD packaging, logos, brochures, advertising, posters, web sites and t-shirts. Pretty much everything is offered, in terms of style of design and media. A large portfolio with some large corporate clients is available at the site. Updated 10/14/2010

The Mad Hand: Art & Design Firm
Jera Denny's 'Mad Hand' offers design services for musicians as well as a multitude of other clients. Whether you need design for your CD packaging, business cards, posters, promotional materials or photo retouching, Jera's well worth considerings. Her rates are very reasonable. In our dealings with The Mad Hand we've been very impressed by customer focused service. Updated 10/14/2010.

O'Gara Design
Jon O'Gara offers affordable design options for your CDs, posters and logos. A very nice portfolio of work. Check out the poster designs, especially, many of which have appeared in Guitar World magazine. Updated 10/14/2010.

Prog Art
If you're looking for a gothic, heavy metal style design,
don’t miss the work of artist Mattias Norén at ProgArt. Mattias is without a doubt one of the finest artists we've seen in this genre. Fantastic designs for not only CD, but also posters, shirts, logos and more. Updated 10/14/2010.

Skyfall Media
Skyfall’s designs are both impressive and affordable. Services include art design for CD covers, press kits, web sites, posters, logos, and more at a fraction of the cost of most designers. Hosting and registering domain names is also available. Be sure to check out the press kit designs for one-sheets in particular, which look really great. I've worked with Tiffany at Skyfall and she’s a class act. Highly recommended. Updated 10/14/2010.

Standard Design Company
Standard Design offers stunning, stylistic design work. One thing's for sure; the images really pop out at you. Hand someone a "Standard Designed" flyer and you can bet they'll take notice. Whether you need flyers, postcards, posters, business cards, web design or CD artwork, SD's portfolio looks outstanding. We're not sure why they call their company "standard design," though, as there's nothing "standard" about them. "Stellar Design" is more like it. Highly recommended. Updated 10/14/2010.

At Wix, you can create some pretty impressive Flash-based web sites with the Wix Web Site Builder, all point and click without having to know or understand Flash. They have many Flash templates that are music-based already pre-made. If you want to hire a professional Flash designer, you’ll find lots of links and portfolios here.

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