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Note: Need a graphic designer? While most CD manufacturers can provide this service, you may wish to employ a third party designer. If so, check our our recommended graphic design services.

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CD Manufacturing Services for Musicians
Do you understand the differences between CD Duplication
and CD Replication? Before choosing a manufacturer, you ought to, as it will ultimately determine the quality of your product.. Here's a nice write up on the differences

Amtech: CD and DVD Manufacturing
Analogue Media Technologies Inc. (Amtech) offers very quick turnaround on CD replication and audio cassette manufacturing. They offer CD and DVD replication of any quantity starting as low as 100 and if you need them now, you can have them in your hands within a week.. Updated 10/14/2010.

Cafe Press: One-Off CDs
Cafe Press is known for their one-off merchandise printing, specifically, you upload your artwork and fans can buy t-shirts, mugs, hats and more with your band logo or picture on it. What you many not know is that Cafe Press offers one-off CD printing services as well. How does it work? Design your CD package on their web site (with full-color inserts), specify your track listing, mail in your CD master and they will create a CD for you that customers can purchase one at a time and have mailed directly to them from your own Cafe Press Shop. You keep whatever money you charge above their "base price." See the web site for further details. Updated 10/14/2010.

CD Poster Shop
With most manufacturers, if you want high-quality short run CD duplication, you're going to pay an arm and a leg for each disc. CD Poster Shop, however, keeps the costs down. You can get retail style packaging of as few as 25 CDs for just $2.85 per disc, 100 for $1.85 each. Customize your package however you want and your new, adjusted price is immediately updated on the web site so you can see exactly what you'll pay up front (without having to wait to get a quote back.) CD Poster Shop also does poster printing as well. Overall, we were very impressed with their short run pricing, and that's why they are included here. Note that CD Poster shop offers CDduplication, not replication. Updated 10/14/2010.

Here's a company to check out for not only CD manufacturing, but for all those odd-shaped custom jobs. In addition to standard CD replication, CDFX offers manufacturing for business card CDs, DVD cards, shaped CDs, custom-shaped CDs, audio and data CDs, ticket CDs, flash drives, DVDs, eco-friendly packages and, of course, traditional CD manufacturing. Good prices, a great looking web site and a very impressive client list (including Coca-Cola, the Dallas Cowboys, FedEx, Honda, NBC, United Way and even President George W. Bus
h.) Finally, CDFX offers fulfillment, inventory management, distribution and direct mail services for their clients. Updated 10/14/2010.

CDS Group
While looking for a graphic designer we stumbled across CDS, a company that specializes not only in graphic and CD packaging design, but also complete CD manufacturing services. Not only were we impressed with their design work (they have plenty of examples on their site), CDS can design and manufacture your entire CD package for you. While their prices are not the lowest you'll find, they are reasonable and this certainly is one case where you'll get the quality you pay for. If you're searching for a company do put it all together for you, and work side by side with you in creating a package the represents you and your music, CDS is certainly a good choice. 1-3 turnaround on short-run CD duplication available. Updated 10/14/2010.

DiskFactory: Short Run CDs
DiskFactory came highly recommended to us for musicians who need a short run of CDs at really great prices and FAST. 100 CDs with full-color 4-page inserts is just $249. 5-7 day standard turnaround time, with a 3 day rush option available. Updated 10/14/2010.

DiscMakers is arguably the most well known CD Manufacturer marketing itself to independent musicians. If you know almost nothing about the CD Manufacturing process and don't have the time or desire to learn, DiscMakers would be a good choice for you. You can send in your photo or other art, and they will design your entire CD package for you and then send you a proof for your final approval. They have excellent customer service, a high quality product and a fantastic, eye-pleasing web site. Yes, you can easily find less expensive manufacturers and save a few dollars, but with DiscMakers, you've got that built in trust that is so valuable. You know you're going to get a quality product. Updated 10/14/2010.

Disc Wizards: Based in the UK
For our UK-based readers.... here's a CD manufacturer close to home. CDs, DVDs, mastering and graphic design all in one place - and with a UK low price guarantee. To quote the site, "Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3." Used them? Let us know what you thought of your experience. Updated 10/14/2010.

Front Porch CD
Front Porch CD takes the 'guy next door' approach to CD manufacturing and duplication - their web site is very simple, but peppered with testimonials from very happy clients. The overall feeling one comes away with as a visitor to their site is as that Front Porch CD takes very good care of their customers. The general consensus, from the clients quoted, is that Front Porch CD treats them like royalty. "It was good to finally find a company that treated us like real people," is one typical example. Front Porch's services include manufacturing, duplication, graphic design, and a promise of quick turn-around times. Their prices are very competitive. A large client list is available for references. Updated 10/14/2010.

Hate traditional CD jewel cases? Want something a little more eye-catching for your short-run CD demos? Check out GO-disc's unique packaging, a virtually indestructible CD package for people who hate jewel cases. Updated 10/14/2010. 

A slick, easy-to-use web site, great prices and an endless list of positive customer testimonials should make GrooveHouse a top contender for your next manufacturing job. Services include CD & DVD duplication and replication, traditional and alternative CD packaging, vinyl pressing, Digipaks, download cards, graphic design, posters and postcards. Short run duplication available as well with great pricing and shipping to you available as soon as two days! Their sole mission: produce the very best digital audio recordings while keeping competitive prices. The web site will wow you. Updated 10/14/2010..

So many folks have recommended Kunaki to us that we felt obligated to include them here. The web site won't dazzle you, but if you want something quick, automated, simple and inexpensive for your short run CD needs, Kunaki is an option. Prices are very good... $1.00 per disc for a basic, 2 panel insert CD for an order of 10 or less units. .75 cents to $1.75 per unit for 11 or more (the pricing varies day to day depending on the daily volume). How it works: you download Kunaki's software to design your CD package and send it to them (or optionally upload it or mail it in to them.). Once the CD is done, they can ship to you, drop ship for you to CD Baby, Amazon or anywhere else, or even ship direct to your customer. That's right, you can plug your web site right into Kunaki's credit card system... they'll take the order, make the CD, ship it, then send you the customer's info along with your money. Be sure you read through Kunaki's entire web site to get a feel for what they do. They beat to a different drummer, but for many folks, it's been a great solution.
At Mixonic you can create your entire CD, DVD, USB flash drive, posters, postcards or flyers from start to finish online. Just create an account, upload your files, and use the provided online tool to design your project. By the time you are done using their wizard-like interface, you've created your final work, which you can save (to finish later), or order for printing and manufacturing. Short run orders or big orders, it doesn't matter. Updated 10/14/2010.

Music Manfacturing Services
These folks came highly recommended to us from a visitor to the Music Biz Academy so we pass their high recommendation on to you. MMS is a company that emphasizes customer service as its number one priority. They offer a wide-range of manufacturing and printing services, not only CDs, but specialty CDs, eco-packaging, download cards, multimedia, DVDs, posters and postcards. Updated 10/14/2010.. 

Oasis Disc Manufacturing
Oasis is one of the most highly respected independent music manufacturing plants in the business. You’ll find competitive prices on CD and DVD replication as well as posters, flyers, postcards, stickers, merch, download cards and custom USB drives. Lots and lots of packaging options to explore. Updated 10/14/2010/

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