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Musician How-To's, Tutorials, Careers & Music Business Tips
Have a question about the music business? These sites are made just for you, with a focus on teaching the music business to independent musicians. If this is of interest to you don't forget about our own Articles & Tips!

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Musician How To's & Tutorials
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Doing it Yourself - A Guide to Making Music
This site, maintained by musician Ram Samudrala, provides an honest and interesting insight into what it takes to make and market your music on the cheap. Ram is a staunch advocate of the 'Free Music Philosophy' and using it he sold over 3,000 copies of his CD on the Internet in two years. On the web site, he tells you how. You'll find tips on building (and using) a studio, copyrights, tutorials, duplication, marketing and promotion. The web site and info has been around forever, but it's still relevant and a very interesting read. Updated 10/12/2010.

Are you a dedicated do-it-yourselfer who dreams of recording in your own studio? Then this is the place for you. HR.com is essentially a very active bulletin board forum where you can ask and get answers to questions on everything from recording and mixing techniques to DJ and Hip Hop production. For home recording newbies or wannabees, this fantastic resource should not be missed. Updated 10/12/2010.

The Marty Method (Piano Instruction)
Gathering a lifetime of musical knowledge into a “how-to” book is a challenge, but Marty Jourard has met this challenge and written a piano instruction  book that conveys his vast knowledge of popular music and of the keyboard. “The Marty Method—How to Play Piano and Understand Music” delivers on the promise of the title by explaining how to play the piano—and along the way, how music is constructed— from the ground up.  As an original member of the ‘80s pop group The Motels, Marty’s keyboard and saxophone playing were an integral part of the band that earned two Top Ten singles (“Only the Lonely” and “Suddenly Last Summer”) and two gold records (1982’s “All Four One” and 1984’s “Little Robbers.”). Now teaching and playing in Seattle, Marty’s new piano instruction book integrates a deep knowledge of musical form and structure with an explanation of basic piano technique. Containing a lifetime of musical information and written in an easy, conversational style, The Marty Method costs less than half the price of a one-hour private piano lesson and is a great way to learn the basic structure of music through learning to play the piano. Updated 10/12/2010. 

Music Business Solutions
Peter Spellman, the Director of Music Business Solutions, is a feature writer for Musician magazine. At this web site, you’ll find a nice archive of his articles and newsletters plus a well-organized resource directory. Some of the material is pretty old now and relates to the music business model of years gone by, but there’s still a lot here worth reading. Updated 10/12/2010.

Looking for work in the music business? Join MyMusicJob.com to get access to job listings and internships, as well as post you resume. There are quite a few offerings here and all jobs are posted by the employers themselves. If you want a sampling of what's available, the best way to go about that is to use the free "Seach Job" option to view "All Categories" and "All Locations." The cost for a 60-day membership is only $14.99, though you can still apply for any job posting over three days old if you're not a member. Members get the first shot at new job openings, however. Updated 10/12/2010.

Publicity Insider
Bill Stoller's Publicity Insider newsletter is designed for people who are - well - wanting to generate a lot of publicity. Mr. Stoller has worked with some notable clients, including Coca-Cola, Hasbro, and Colgate-Palmolive. His public relations firm, Stoller & Bard Communications, has helped make some great products very famous, including Pictionary, which as you know has become a household name (or is it 'household game?'). At PublicityInsider.com, Mr. Stoller is selling subscriptions to his magazine, 'Free Publicity', which offers a regular dose of hot opportunities, 'insider' information, Internet publicity tips and more. But aside from that, there's lots worth browsing at the web site, including 'Killer Publicity Resources,' frequently asked PR questions, and a free Publicity Insiders e-zine which you can subscribe to. Also, don't miss the free reports available at the web site. Well worth visiting. Updated 10/12/2010.

Recording Connection
How would you like to work in a recording studio? Recording connection provides on-the-job training for those looking for full or part time employment in the music industry. Your 'school' is an actual recording studio in your town! Courses include basic studio operating procedures, mic and instrument setup, recording console parts and functions, audio theory, mixing, acoustics and much more. Get exposure to job opportunities as a recording engineer, mixer, digital workstation operator, mastering engineer, and more. Updated 10/12/2010.

Rock Star Image Consultant
John Battaglia is an image and performance coach who's worked with some of the biggest names in the business; Usher, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson and others. He coaches emerging artists on how to build a Rockstar image to better attract industry attention. If you're uncertain about your "image" or the "style," feel the need to reinvent yourself, or just need advice on how to better connect with your audience, John's your man. Updated 10/11/2010.  

ZDT Entertainment Network
ZDT provides one-on-one on-the-job training for careers in radio broadcasting, the recording industry, and film and video production. Essentially, GetAMentor matches you up with a professional in the field of your choice (they have contracts with radio and TV stations, recording studios, record companies, and film production companies) and you become an apprentice. The program is designed specifically for people just starting out in their field, so no prior experience is necessary. You can work part-time, nights and even weekends to match up with your own schedule. These are not paying jobs, but apprenticeships - essentially an opportunity to get your foot in the door and learn your trade on the job working side by side with the pros. Updated 10/12/2010


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