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Radio and Television Support
for Independent Musicians

Interested in getting your music on radio, film, or television? This is our directory of recommended radio promoters as well as radio and television programs supporting independent music.

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Radio & Retail Promotion Services
Let our expert consultants promote your music to radio and retail outlets! They will make all the arrangements - on-air interviews, pre-promotion, CD reviews, college, public and commercial radio, retail promotion and more. Your radio/retail campaign will be
custom designed to get the biggest bang for the buck! All stations are hand-picked, to ensure your radio/retail campaign perfectly fits the audience you are targeting. Details here...

For Representation of Your for Film & TV, We Recommend...

NOMA Music

NOMA Music is a multicredited music licensing company and song publisher. They represent worldwide bands, songwriters, and composers who are interested in licensing, and of course, earning money and royalties from having their original music used in feature and indie motion pictures, television, and other multi media projects. Some of their represented acts have songs currently heard in television shows airing on HBO, Warner Brothers, FOX, UPN, Touchstone, Paramount, Showtime, Sci Fi Channel, and FX Networks, as well as in motion pictures and commercial DVD releases. NOMA offers tremendous opportunities for the indie and established artist from the hundreds of production companies, directors and producers they have working relationships with, and as a client of theirs, your music will be made accessible to them. There are NO up-front fees, period. NOMA Music earns its money through licensing on a commission only basis. Thus, the only way NOMA benefits financially is when YOU benefit financially. More details here. Updated 05/12/2011

Additional Radio and Television
Support for Independent Musicians

Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion
Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion handles the day to day phone/fax work required to promote your music to radio stations across the country. Using a comprehensive database of both non-commercial and commercial stations, the campaign begins with Bryan's staff calling radio programmers each week, informing them of the hot points of your project. All genre's, with the exception of Classical, are handled. There's a lot of great information about radio promotion here, even for those who are just researching their options. More info at the site. Updated 05/12/2011. 

Online Radio Promotion
If you are an artist seeking exposure for your music, Online Radio Promotion (a subdivision of Evolution Promotion) targets licensed online radio stations in all formats, but only to licensed stations that pay royalties to artists for airplay. ORP gets their artistís songs directly to the decision makers at online radio including SiriusXM, Music Choice, DMX, AOL, Yahoo, Live365, Shoutcast and others thru their digital delivery system. It's $500 for a 13 week promotion campaign for one song. Updated 05/12/11.

Planetary Group Radio Promotion
The Planetary Group has been promoting music to radio 1996, specializing in helping bands and musicians get radio airplay around the country. Depending on your goals, they can develop a targeted radio campaign for you with either a national or regional focus. They'll target specific stations for you and set up radio interviews in your touring markets wherever possible. Planetary has worked with some big names and has a good reputation. Services also include Digital Publicity & Marketing, web design and consulting. Here's a client list. Updated 05/12/2011.

Ready to create your own Podcast?
PodOmatic specializes in tools and services that enable anyone to easily find, create, distribute, promote and listen to both audio and video podcasts. The premiere destination for veteran and novice podcast creators and consumers alike, PodOmatic is the largest and most widely used service for creating and hosting podcasts. Their FREE service gives you 500 MB of storage and 15 GB monthly downloads. So if you want to try your hand at Podcasting, here's a good starting point. Added 01/26/2007.

Pump Audio
If you're in the market to license your music to TV, film, video games or other advertisers, check out Pump Audio. With your permission, Pump Audio will include your music in their database for promotion and possible licensing to their clients. You keep all copyright, ownership and publishing rights, and receive 35% of the licensing fees billed to their production clients if your music is used. There's NO submission fee, it's non-exclusive, and you retain 100% ownership of your songs. Based on feedback we've heard from artists, this is one of the best, most effective song licensing agencies around. However, the turnaround time to receive a response from your initial submission is quite long. Even so, well worth investigating. See also, Radio and TV. Updated 10/07/2010. 

Shocksoundpromotions.com is a national radio and media promotion agency focusing on urban music: Rap, R&B, and Hip Hop. SSP can introduce an artist's singles and albums to over 1000 radio outlets, as well as focus on 'street' promotion, taking your music right to the buyers via clubs, concerts or other key events. It doesn't matter if your artist or group is on a major or independent label, if you need someone with experience doing street or radio promotion, SSP can help. Updated 07/18/2003.

Space 380 Music Promotion
What does space 380 do?
Space 380 helps you gain public & industry awareness, develop your ideal touring circuit, and sell CDs by integrating radio airplay, press coverage, tour promotion, Internet marketing, retail awareness & TV commercials. Essentially, they can manage all your press, radio and promotional campaigns for you. They've got quite a client list (including a couple of big names), and plenty of artists to ask for references from. Updated 05/12/2011.

How would you like to set up a concert just about anywhere, enable your fans to tune in online and actually make money from it? That's essentially what StageIt does, featuring performers that play from the comfort of their homes, the back of the tour bus, the studio - directly from their laptops. Stageit enables you to choose when you want to perform, for how long and how much you want to charge. You can even use our Pay What You Can feature to offer tickets for a suggested amount and let fans increase or decrease the price depending on what they can afford. Additionally, you can receive instant feedback on your performance via the Tip Jar feature, which allows fans to tip you in real time. Get all the details at the web site, or read the StageIt FAQ. Added 05/12/2011.

Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour
If you're an independent, folk/acoustic artist listen up! The Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour is a folk Americana radio program dedicated to grassroots and independent artists and includes feature segments on folk radio shows and venues around the world, plus a Folk/Americana/Bluegrass newscast each week. Woodsongs has a large list of 400 affiliated radio stations across the US, as well as Canada, and Europe. New artists are invited to submit material to appear on national broadcast of the show. Updated 05/12/2011. 

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