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Music Business 101:
Recommended Links

by Christopher Knab

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Showcasing Quality New Talent
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Music Business Registry (A&R Directories)
Jack Endino's Website
MusicDish - Award-winning music industry magazine.

Also Recommended....

A&R Online - This is a site where unsigned artists and music industry moguls come face to face. Showcasing top quality unsigned artists to major and independent record companies. The professional music industry tip sheet. No artist sign up fees, no hidden agendas, just pure quality is their mission. But please...are you sure you are ready for the almighty 'deal'?

ASCAP - The home of the Performance Rights Association. You will find lots of uses for this site. As a songwriter you will need to affiliate with one of the 3 PRO's anyway. But, for anyone interested in the songwriting end of things on the Internet, this remarkable site will provide many hours of browsing around.

Berklee College of Music/Berklee Press - The Berklee Press publishes many music related books, and also offer some free interactive music lessons from their site. Their links page is also very useful.

BMI - It wouldn't be fair for me to post a link to ASCAP without also posting a link to BMI. The second oldest Performance Rights Association should be a site for any new songrwriters to visit when they are contemplating which PRO to join. They have much of the same information as ASCAP, meaning data and links to help you with your songwriting career.

Chcs.com - Hey folks if you have read any of my articles, you know how important getting a killer website is for your music careers. Charlie Hamilton and his stafff at CHCS have the tools to help you create an attractive and potent website that will have your fans and customers coming back to visit you again and again. This is my choice for the premier company for all your web-developement needs.

Frontline's Merchants of Cool page - The PBS website has posted an indepth report on their recent 'Mecrchants of Cool' program. If you want to really understand how entertainment product is marketed these days, please read all the amazing interviews and articles on this site.

GEM (Global Express Media) - This is a one-stop shopping site for information on copyright registration, barcodes, soundscan, trademarks and many other tools you will need to get your career up and running, or re-organized. They provide pdf downloads of many useful forms and contracts for serious diy artists and bands.

Get Signed.com - I have to admit that I am a contributing wiiter to this site, but that is hopefully a plus in it's favor. If you are looking for articles on the business of marketing and promoting your music, Getsigned.com is an important site for you to check out on a regular basis. They were bought out in mid 2000 by Garageband.com but that is really good news because it verified how important their new parent company thought music business education was. The many writers for this site are all active in the industry and they all contribute valuable information to the independent musician.

Indiebiz.com - Dave Hooper of Kathode Ray Music is behind this great website. It has lots of free articles, most of them available as Adobe pdf files for free. They also have services you can check out, if you want to cough up some bucks. In many ways their mission is the same as mine...to help musicians help themselves with music business information.

Inside.com - WOW! That is the only word for this site. If you REALLY want to stay on top of all the changes in e-music commerce and anything related to digital content, INSIDE is THE place to go. You get a free daily email newsletter that is loaded with important information on the business of entertainment. To tell you the truth this is the most useful site I have come across in 5 years of internet cruising. Check it out, once you are bitten, you will never get enough of their information and many useful services.

John Vestman's website - I was recently contacted by John, who also writes for www.getsigned.com. When I visited his site I was very impressed with his link page. I suggest you check it out, and while you are there, take a browze around his site, it is loaded with great Tech articles!

mi2n - I would call this an independent music version of Inside.com This site is packed with articles, reports, and indepth analysis on the business of independent music ONLINE. Tney have a FREE newsletter you can subscribe to by email, and this is one site I could not live without in my daily fix for information to help you with your music marketing.

Music Dish - MusicDish.com is a very important and usefull site for any independent musician or label to visit. Be sure to sign up for their FREE newsletters while you are there. They have up to date information on opportunities for artists and bands, plus have many promotional tools and services for you to take advantage of.

Musicians Network - Alex Johnson's "MASSIVE MUSIC LINKS": The fearless leader of the Musicians Network site has put together his own list of links that are useful for any aspiring and serious musician...check it out.

Recording Industry Association of America - The record industry organization that every DIY'er loves to hate...but shouldn't. The small independent label of today could grow to become the next Interscope Records. The RIAA site is loaded with reports and facts about the recording industry, with sales figures and updates on how records are selling, as well as the threats downloadable music may have on the traditional distribution systems.

Senate Hearings on Digital Copyright - April 2001 - The battle lines have been drawn, when it comes to copyright issues for music over the Internet. An April 3, 2001 more than a dozen musicians and music industry honchos testified before a Senate hearing conducted by Senator Orrin Hatch. You can go to this site and read the testimonies of all the participants here.

SESAC - OK OK. As I said about BMI, it wouldn't be fair for me to link to ASCAP without linking to BMI. So, to be the rightous guy I am, here is a link to the 3rd Performance Rights Organization....might as well shop around to decide, as a songwriter, which PRO you want on your side. Hey Bob Dylan chose them AND they have a FLASHy website for you to be impressed by.

Sounds Of Seattle - This site is dedicated to supporting northwest musicians. It has useful mareketing and promotion tips and is always updated to reflect current SOS activities. I am proud to announce that they are co-sposoring my next 8 week course...Making Money With Your Music starting on March 5th.

The Velvet Rope - This is a very interesting INSIDERS website, whose only purpose is to provide forums, news, and views on the business of music. The daily postings of news articles and the commentary that follows them make for great reading. You will also find a place to post press releases, and look for jobs in the music business too.


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Music Is Your Business
Christopher Knab and Bartley F. Day's expanded edition of "Music Is Your Business" is filled with more insights into the business side of being a successful musician or band. Included are chapters on both Internet and traditional music marketing methods. The essential legal issues you need to know are explained as are music contract tips, how to license your music, attract distributors, get radio airplay and create a demand for your music. More...

How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet

How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet
Our in-depth guide to music promotion demonstrates how you can combine powerful internet marketing techniques to sell your music merchandise online! Learn what works, what doesn't, and what you shouldn't waste your time and money on.

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